Capacitors for speaker crossovers

I am building simple crossovers for the speaker system I’m putting together and the speaker maker recommended 0.5 uF capacitors. I have no technical knowledge so I am trying to determine the exact specs. besides the uF size.

Hello, take a look at this link. This will be a good starting point.

Thank you Karl. Much appreciated!


Karl, would it be safe to assume that since these capacitors will be used for speaker crossovers (i.e. low voltage & other minimum service limitations) that I should have a lot of flexibility in what I choose?

Different types of capacitors will have different effects in the crossover circuit. Best is to find some design examples, and use that as a plan, of the capacitors to use. As mentioned earlier, you will have to know what max voltage you will be dealing with, with your power ratings, and purchase capacitors rated at a higher voltage. Maybe one of the engineers on the TechForum can add to this post.

Thank you David.

Hi @mylesparlee1 ,

Thanks for your inquiry. Film might be a good choice.

Click here for another great resource regarding Capacitors.

Below are some capacitor options that might be what you need, please review datasheet specifications:
Click here for 338-3441-ND | P12250-ND | 399-F43MN3500ZA01K-ND

Non-polarized/bipolar electrolytics are far more rare, and these would need to be on the pre-amp side (not at the speaker) since they have very low current rating. Click here for 493-10845-1-ND | 493-12708-1-ND | 493-12735-1-ND | 493-14986-ND

Thank you Ryan.

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Good afternoon David. I am hoping you can help with this. I am not able to source out .6 mH crossover coils on Digi-Key. Is it possible they aren’t available?