Looking for capacitor QPC-MEB8 or something equivalent.

Hello, welcome to Tech Forum. The part number QPC-MEB8 is calling out 8uf, but your photo shows a 6uf, so I have included both for you to look over. Please see link below for possible options. These are obsolete, but we do have stock. Glenda

How many of these (605QPC250KB8A5CL) do you have?

Eric Horton

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If you click on the link Glenda provided with the two options and then click on the part number from there, you will get real-time results.

Thx. Did not see that.

Hi I need to find some Caps to match what this job has on it…

DT 11112

Hello WorldECM.

I can’t really tell dimensions in the pictures which makes it a bit harder to cross, but for the second capacitor 493-13530-1-ND might work. The first one pictured, if you can get dimensions I might have a better shot at finding the best match.