Capacitor with white leakage

My digital keyboard stopped working. I found a capacitor which looks like it leaked white paste but it might also be a heat sink. It is marked “2200 uF 25 v”. I’d like to replace it anyway for preventive measures since the keyboard was always plugged in but don’t know what kind it is.



You are correct, it is a 2200uF, 25V volt capacitor.

What I do not know is the tolerance, temperature, lead spacing, (lead spacing is the measurement from the center of one lead to the center of the next lead). Take a look at the link below, I have narrowed it down to all of our electrolytic, 2200uF and 25V through hole capacitors.

That’s not leakage, it’s an adhesive used to to secure the capacitor to the board to prevent damage from shock & vibration. It would appear that the same stuff is holding the aluminum heat sink in place.