Need help deciding capacitor and finding replacements

The capacitor in the photo is from a LED shop light. One or both have leaked out and plan on replacing both. There are a lot more markings than other capacitors I’ve replaced, I would like to know what the meaning and importance of them for future reference. Also how would I go about searching for replacements because when I search for 150uf 100v capacitors and a long list comes up. What search criteria do I enter to find an appropriate replacement?

And if someone could link me to good replacements I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!


That is a radial can through hole electrolytic by the looks of it. The yellow line indicates the cathode (negative) lead, this lead is also usually shorter than the positive anode one. The 100V at 150uF along with the temp rating, CE 105 degrees Celsius, are the most important marks.

I’m not sure what the FK(M) mark could mean but the PET might stand for the dielectric material used which is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). However, this may not be the case since the capacitor pictured looks to be electrolytic yet the PET as far as I know is not used as a dielectric in those caps but mainly in film caps.

The A1712 could be the date or lot code but I’m really not certain. Knowing what all the part markings mean on electronic devices is not easily obtained. A lot of them may simply be manufacturers internal information. But the main markings here we know for certain are the 150uF at 100V and 105 degrees C. We can also tell it is polarized so it will likely be one of the ones in below link.

The remaining parameters you could look at is likely size, to make sure it fits in the space allotted, also the lead spacing too and maybe some others as well to narrow your options down.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your reply. I have a question about the Height - Seated (Max) does that include the leads? The measurements of just the can is 20.48mm by 10.24mm. I haven’t be able to locate those measurements so far.

No the Height seated max does not include the leads. Looks like there aren’t many options for the 20mm height at those values. We have one at 15mm and 21mm ones.
150 µF Through Hole Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Thank you again for your reply. Here is a photo of the two I’m replacing. This PCB had heat shrink tubing around it so I’m only confined by the component at the top of the capacitors and the holes they connect through. What would be the proper way to fit them with what’s available? The board fits into a 3/4 inch by 1 3/4 inch space. So I might be able to stand them up instead of lying down like they are.

I ordered some of these. REF1020151M100K

It looks like there is plenty of room between the top of the capacitor housing and the transformer. I’d suggest trying to form the leads on REF1020151M100K and see if you can first get the capacitors to fit before trying to mount vertically.

I’m hoping I can get it to fit but if it won’t fit can I install them at an angle?

Thank you your help!

The orientation doesn’t affect the performance of the part. The leads can be formed for the application in which they are used.