ID Verify Capacitor-ASUS Motherboard x570

Can you please verify I have the correct part? Don’t worry about the size. Link below. Also, do you know what
manufacturer uses the MIL marking? I spent hours looking.

Thank You

Welcome to the TechForum gfry22.
Different manufacturers mark their capacitors slightly different, but I would say this is a 100uf, 16V capacitor.
The MIL may be for a MIL-SPEC (Military) Series. I did not find one in our system with that marking.
Except for the differences in the ripple current, we have possible matches from the Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors. Click here for available options.
Other possible matches are from the Aluminum Polymer Capacitors. Click here for these available options.
The one you chose is in the last list.
Best option would be to match the lead spacing, diameter and the length for the best fit. The half circle mark on top is a polarizing mark, do the replacement needs to go in the same way.