Carling switch with specific dimensions and specs

Hello, I am looking for a replacement for my range hood carling switch with 2 Metal Terminals and a plastic Terminal in between them
Dimensions of Switch Cover or Switch Bezel are approximately:
3.0cm x 1.5cm.

Specs written on the casing are
6A 125 VAC
3A 250 VAC

Would you have it available in our inventory…thanks!

Hello @ansx,

Welcome to the Techforum community!

Could you please see if the panel cutout size is Rectangular - 28.58mm x 13.97mm? If so, then 432-1290-ND might work.

Thank you, yes I think it is. I just want one, how long would it take to receive it. The lead time says 12 weeks…is it the same lead time for one piece as well?

We have a few thousand of that switch in stock, shouldn’t take long at all to receive one.