Carlo Gavazzi's UDM40 Digital Panel Meter - Display Issue


Carlo Gavazzi’s UDM40 series is a universal digital panel meter for current, temperature, resistance, rate frequency, speed and period measurement. Measuring ranges and functions are both easily programmable. Rarely during the device’s operation, you may encounter this “EEE” display issue. If this “EEE” display issue happens, how do you solve it?


“EEE” indicates that the input to the meter is above or below the range it is set for. The values that affect this are the range code “rAnG” found under the “inP” column and/or “LoE” and “HiE” found under the “SCAL” column. Once you enter the master password, you should be able to move to either of these columns by repeatedly pressing either of the two middle keys. To change any variable under a column, repeatedly press the bottom key to scroll down through the variables. It will loop around to the Column heading if you keep pressing the bottom key.

If the programming is correct and the wiring has been verified, the “EEE” could indicate an issue with the meter itself, but this is very rare.

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