CAT5113 Digital Potentiometer with Arduino

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I am trying to control a CAT5113 digital potentiometer with an Arduino. Has anyone attempted to do this? I am not sure exactly how to establish communication or send controls. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have not personally used it, but the interface is pretty straight forward. You will need three I/O pins to control it. It is controlled with a chip-select pin (chip will only take input signals when set low), an increment pin (will move wiper one position up or down on high-to-low transition, depending on setting of U/~D pin), and an up-down pin (set high for going up and set low for going down).

From page 3 of datasheet:


The other thing you can do is store the current position in non-volatile internal EEPROM
by transitioning the ~CS pin from low to high while the ~INC pin is already high.

I am sorry that I could not find a tutorial. But here are some guidelines about how to connect it with the Arduino.

You can try these tips.

You can also use MCP42100. Arduino tutorials are available on this one.