CB reports / CB Scheme

CB reports or CB Scheme is an international system for test reports and certificates related to safety of electrical equipment, products and components. CB is not a safety approval or marking, but agencies like UL and TUV will accept CB reports and use that information instead of preforming their own testing. It cuts down on time and expenses when adding additional safety approvals.

Full CB reports contain information regarding the design and construction of a product. As such, they are usually considered to be proprietary information. So if a customer needs a CB report, they will typically need to fill out a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Digi-Key can facilitate the NDA but we typically are not able to directly handle the CB report (as there is no reason we need to see the manufacturers proprietary information) instead the report will typically be sent directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

If the customer does not want to complete an NDA, but they need the report because their product is being tested by UL or another agency, the report can usually be sent directly from the manufacturer to the testing agency.