Ceramic capacitor replacement with a Digikey product?


I have a board to fix which you can see has an exploded capacitor. In case it is hard to see, the markings say:

1 kV

which I believe to be 220pF @ 10% tolerance, supporting 1kV. I have no clue what the “R.” means, perhaps someone knows?

Could someone help me confirm whether this part is a good replacement ? https://www.digikey.ch/en/products/detail/tdk-corporation/CK45-B3AD221KYVNA/7383709

Thanks in advance,

Hello Kennethfm

Regarding capacitor marking 221K 1KV this will be for 220pF 1KV 10%.

Please consider 445-175509-ND

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Hello Troy_2808,

Thank you for your advice. Do you know if the “R.” means temperature coefficient ? If yes, would 445-175509-ND be suitable given that it’s temperature coefficient is “B” ?

Thank you again,

The “R” tempco (+15, –30%) has been made obsolete. The “B” type (+10, -10%) is an excellent replacement choice.

Great. Thanks, Paul!