Changed custom symbol does not update in schematic

I have designed a custom symbol with “Build a Symbol” and placed it in a schematic. When I update the custom symbol in “Build a Symbol” (like adding some text on the symbol), and save it, the symbol does not update in the schematic. Should it?

I tried deleting the symbol so I could just re-insert it in the schematic. but when I did that, all of my nets attached to the symbol were also deleted. Same thing if I Cut the symbol. So this does not seem to be the way to go.

Please advise how to get the updated symbol into the schematic, with it connected to all the nets it was previously connected to. Thx.

@Mulligan - Custom symbols do not automatically update in the schematic after making changes in the symbol builder. This is to eliminate the possibility of causing issues in your schematic if the pin count, pin location, or anything else that may affect the current pin connections has changed.
In order to get the latest symbol version added, the previous version will need to be removed. This will also remove the nets. I realize this can be an inconvenience, but the idea is to protect your current and/or existing projects.
We appreciate your feedback and we will keep this in mind for future updates.

Ok, thx for the info. It would be good to have the option to preserve the nets, for any connected to the same pins if the modified symbol.