Changing size of symbol on schematic

I find it hard to believe that I can not zoom the schematic symbols to fit. Everything I tied changed the whole sheet (page),
Please enlighten me.
Thanks, Mick


“…can not zoom the schematic symbols to fit.”

Thank you for posting, welcome. Can you help me understand what you are trying to fit the schematic symbols to?


Thanks for your response Brian. I have been trying to fit my circuit
components (symbols) on a ‘B’ size (11 x 17") sheet as that is as large
as my printer handles. Some of the symbols are drawn much wider than
necessary and become space hogs. It would be nice to reduce them on one
axis, but maybe that is asking too much. After my first post I
discovered that my schematic sheet got changed back to the default. I
probable did not save it correctly. Now it looks like I am OK on this
design, but the symbol resizing issue remains.

Thanks Mick, are you using symbols from our library, those included in KiCad, or yours?

Brian, The symbols came from You (Digi-Key) using Ultra Librarian. I
have had a difficult time with understanding the library system with
KiCad. Some of the tutorials are for version 4 and some for version 5
and I am going nuts. I have read that I am not alone. The resizing of
symbols is a small issue compared to the library confusion. It would be
so nice to see a tutorial on setting up the libraries with KiCad /
Digi-Key / Ultra Librarian. This is the first thing a beginner, like
me, needs. I don’t do many PCB’s so every time I face re-learning.

Yes, the libraries can be ‘fun’ to get your head around. The instructions that come in the ZIP file from Ultra Librarian are for v4 so I’ll try to talk to the powers here to get that updated (or at least offer both).

I just ran through it, so maybe this will help:
I opened the zip file and renamed the .lib file to have the IC name.
I then copied it to where I keep my KiCad symbols.
I opened the Symbol Editor, File, Add Library… and selected the .lib file I just added.

When resizing, be sure to keep your grid at 50mils when moving pins around or you will not be able to connect a wire/net to them. (Very frustrating)

When resizing, I’d open a stock symbol from KiCad in the editor and look at the dimensions they use for the Pin Properties (hotkey ‘e’ over a pin) and write them down to replicate for uniformity when resizing your symbol. I wish there was a quick way to change the text size, pin name, pin length, etc for all the pins at one time, but I don’t see that as possible today. The Show Pin Table button at the top lets you change other attributes en masse image

I hope that helps a bit.

Maybe drawing the schematic on larger paper, then printing with a reduction would be easier than trying to redo symbols?

That might be true. I’d like to hope that UL might change their default settings to line up with the KiCad library. A friend showed me that when editing a symbol, if you right click on the circle at the end of a pin, and go to Global, so you can apply the changes to all pins at once, after you have changed that one first…

@mickent As far as resizing symbols goes, I believe the only real way is to modify it within the library. Unfortunately most PCB softwares don’t have functionality to simply resize as you would an image in Word, for example. You may have luck “printing” to PDF and then within the PDF software fitting the document to the page when physically printing?

Edit- didn’t notice the last post was from July, oops!