Chip identification needed

I need help ID’ing this IC. The part number written on the tube does not match what is actually in the tubes. I am unable to come up with anything close to this chip, so I thought maybe you all might be able to come up with something.

Thanks in advance!



I am not seeing information on that item based on the marking either.
What is the item number that is written on the tube?

The number on the tube is 3004, which in our system crosses over to Everspin part MR25H40CDF. One look at this part will tell you it is not correct as it is a completely different package style.

Definitely not the same, I checked and part markings also and came up with a blank on this.

Hi slycer2002,

Was this shipped from Digi-Key?

I honestly have no idea. Our parts cage has several boxes of unidentified parts, and I am working with the new coordinator in there to ID these parts and get them back on the shelf where they belong.

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Do you ever order this little guy?


I haven’t found part marking info yet, but the package and manufacturer’s logo look about right. Now, we only sell it in cut-tape and full reels rather than tubes, so IF that is the part, it probably didn’t come from us.

Funny thing, I was just looking at this part. The dimensions on the data sheet match up pretty well, also. And yes, that is a part in our system. It looks pretty promising!

While I can’t call this solved just yet, I do want to thank you for your help so far. I’ll update if/when I find out yea or nay on this part.

I just found this document on their website which pretty much confirms it.

I was just getting ready to post this same document and say that I think this is it. Looks like we’re on the same page. I will call this solved, now, and thank you very much for your help!