Choosing the correct motor driver


I am using a NEMA17-16-06SD-AMT112S motor and would like to control it at low speeds for a prolonged period of time. I was recommended the TMC2208 motor drivers for their quiet volume and smooth operation but after receiving all parts I am unable to make my motor run with even a basic code. I am using an Arduino MEGA 2560 and a benchtop power supply set to a 15 V output. I have the Dir and Step pins in pins 26 and 27 respectively and am powering the Arduino using my laptop. That is my entire circuit, I currently have no resistors or capacitors in place. Can anyone recommend a better motor driver for this motor, or am I simply doing something wrong?


Having done something incorrectly is the case more often than not; it’s usually the best theory to start with.

There are a few different eval board (“stepstick”) type products available that carry a '2208 IC. Are you using one of those, and if so, which one?

Check the basics: the device will need a connection to the Arduino’s power and ground as well as the signal lines, and of course the motor power supply will need both sides connected also. Turning the power on can help. Check that any enable pins are driven in the manner that they need to be: the '2208 appears to have an enable that is active in the low state and which is disabled by default on many of the stepstick type boards, unless driven with an appropriate logic signal. And make sure that your code is sending out enough step signals to generate perceivable motion.

There’s a fair chance that the problem is among these few possible causes.