Need driver for 1528-1062-nd stepper motor

Looking for a stand-alone driver for a
1528-1062-ND 12V Stepper motor, (Adafruit #324) other than the Arduino shield.
Any suggestions?

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I am looking to see what I can find for a driver.

I may have found an option, take a look to see if 1460-1061-ND will work.

How, and with what, do you intend to control the driver?

So, what is your intended input device, such as a microcontroller, buttons, PC, etc.?

What sort of interface do you plan to use to your motor, such as a serial protocol (UART, I2C, SPI, etc.) or logic pins for direction and clock, etc.?

I am using a Arduino Mega, with a laser sensor already connect to the i2c pins, but it is my understanding that I can have more than 1 device communicating on this bus if I assign a different address. Is this true? If so, than I will use the I2C bus.

The 1460-1061-ND is no longer being manufactured. They recommend a replacement # 2183-2974-ND, however this is particular to Toshiba and recommend reading specs carefully to ensure it will work. I am not proficient enough to determine if it will work with the Adafruit 324 stepper motor.

Surveying possible options, I’m not finding anything with an I2C interface. Seems like SPI, UART, and Step-Direction seem to be predominant. An Arduino should be able to handle any one of those. Any preference?

2183-2974-ND main part is TB67S279FTG,EL is for Bipolar motors , you be better to look at these Stepper options

Perhaps some thing like this?



Interfaces via SPI and Step-Direction.

This looks like it would work for me…Thanks to all