Stepper motor driver

Hi I’m trying to figure out which motor driver I can use to drive the two stepper motors listed below:
motor 1: 23KY-K040B-ND
motor 2: P14335-ND

I have found this dual driver here: 1460-1019-ND

But it specifies for 2 phase motors so I’m unsure if they would work for the motors above since I cannot find anything explicit on the phase number in the design spec. I don’t know much about stepper motors so I’m hoping someone with experience in this can direct me on choosing the appropriate driver for these motors.


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Hello Zach,

This driver should work for both of those stepper motors.

The two phase references the number of groups of coils on the stepper motors.

Here is a reference I found from Adafruit that explains the coils and phases.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.



Thanks Travis,

This clears up a lot! I’ll reply back on this thread if I get confused again.