Choosing the correct Vectorbord


Looking for a bit more information about a few of the items from the Digi-Key catalog, the images do no justice for them, i would like to be sure this will do the trick for another project i am working on, would like to know if V1003-ND and V1012-ND can be tiled nicely, keeping an even grid spacing in each direction to piece a few of them together for a larger working area, no borders margins or framing.

If at all possible can you let me know how many rows and columns of usable space on each of the boards, this will help me to calculate how many i need to order for my grid

Thank You
Miles Dyson

As far as I’ve seen there is no guaranteed dimension and tolerance on the outer hole to edge dimension for Vectorbord’s ™, or any other manufacturers I’ve looked at over the years.

You could measure and if needed machine the board edges to end up with boards that can be tiled with accurate spacing between the holes on the mating edges.