PCB Builder spacing

@Erik_Brateng @linzee_1029 I uploaded a PCB to pcb builder and I want to know if it checks the spacing in my gerber file to make sure it meets the specifications. I don’t think it does. It says minimum hole spacing is 12 mil and I know my vias are just slightly smaller than that. So, it doesn’t check, is this correct?

OK, so I think I answered my own question. If you click on Technical specs down at the bottom it does show specifically what DK Red is capable of. It can handle 5mil trace/spacing and 8 mil hole size whcih meets my requirements. Thanks

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@eaker.diane Glad you found the technical spec sheet that is where I would have been the direction I would have taken. Currently the builder is not set to check this yet; would be something we would look into adding though. Thanks!