Gerbers don't meet DKred requirements

I upload zipped fab files and the site returns that my design does not meet DKred requirements. I have reviewed the DK specs and my Design Rules and everything appears to be correct. I have no problems loading the files in a Gerber viewer and the site seems to show the proper PCB in the preview. Is there a way to find out what DKred is complaining about so that it can be corrected?

Hello @greg.ingalsbe.62,

I will direct message you to get your files, I can take a look and if it’s from our side, I will get a ticket in to fix the issue.

@greg.ingalsbe.62 was able to discover the issue.

  1. Problem Description: The problem centers around how the PCB’s origin point is determined within the PCB design.
  2. Origin Placement: If you set the origin point of the PCB anywhere on or inside the actual PCB area, it causes an issue with PCB Builder.
  3. PCB Builder Behavior: PCB Builder has trouble identifying the outline or boundaries of the PCB in this scenario.
  4. Result: When this issue occurs, PCB Builder returns a board size of 0x0, indicating that it fails to correctly determine the PCB’s dimensions.
  5. Solution: To resolve this problem, the suggested solution is to keep the origin point at its default position in the workspace. This means not moving the origin point to the PCB area but leaving it where it’s originally placed when you start your design.
  6. Benefit of Solution: By keeping the origin at the default workspace position, all PCB coordinates (X and Y values) are ensured to be greater than zero, which should prevent the issue with DKred and allow it to correctly determine the board’s dimensions.