Clicking the "Live Chat" does nothing

On my office computer, clicking the “Live Chat” button at does nothing,
while it works fine on my home computer. I tried in both chrome and Internet-Explorer;
it behaved the same way in both. Any ideas about what needs to be changed on my
office computer?

You may want to check if your office browsers automatically block pop-ups, you can change that in settings. Sometimes chats don’t work if browsers block pop-ups sometimes and it could even be blocking certain web apps like Javascript, check the security settings to see if certain actions are blocked on websites too.

Oddly my Chrome settings say “pop ups Allowed”.
Then, I added to the list of allowed flash player sites; but
that didn’t fix it. I will keep hunting in the settings menu.


Since you are still having issues, I would advise that you email with the problem. This seems like an issue for IT technical support, I can’t think of anything else that would cause the problem.