Digikey blocking my web browser -- no button visible

When browsing, I get the “At DigiKey, we’re big fans of Robots…” message, but there’s no button to push.

Should I purchase from somewhere else?

Hello @jeremy2

I am sorry you are having issues with our website. I have reached out to the team that supports this function to see if I can get assistance for you and will add a reply as soon as I hear back.


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Hello @jeremy2 ,

Just heard back and it appears they are having some sporadic reports of this happening and are working on a solution. Here is what they provided for me.

Generally the problem revolves around use of Privacy ad-ons or Ad Blocking extensions in the browser interfering with the challenge. That’s the “usual” answer we hear when we ask if they’re using one of those tools. With that said, we’re working on testing a wider rollout to that response so that we can provide a canned answer to this problem – almost there.

In the meantime, can you do 2 things:

  1. Ask if they’re using some form of ad blocker or privacy extension in their browser, and
  2. If so – can they whitelist digikey.com (or digikey.ca or whatever site they came in on)? That should work to alleviate the problem and reduce the challenges they receive , as well as if they do receive one it should be fully functional.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further issues and I can work with them to find a solution.


I had the same issue and temporarily disabling ad blocking allowed the button to appear. For reasons that should be obvious to technically inclined, this is not an ideal solution. I recognize Digkey’s need to prevent scraping, but the implemented solution should not compromise their user’s privacy and security.