Clips for Oscilloscope Probe Ground Lead

Hello all,

I’m looking for the clips that attach a ground lead to an oscilloscope probe. Not the alligator clip, but the horseshoe shaped part that attaches to the probe itself. The probes I’m using are Siglent PP510 and they have a diameter of about 5mm where the ground clip is supposed to attach.

I work mostly on old audio synthesizers and usually the short ground leads that come with probes aren’t long enough to reach a ground reference from the test point, at least not one that’s accessible enough to clamp an alligator clip to. I wanted to make a few slightly longer ones myself with Pomona minigrabbers (3925) on the other end. I’m open to any other suggestions or corrections on how I’m using the 'scope. Thanks!

Hi twar97,
There are quite a many options available for that.

  1. Get a new probe and extend the ground lead by soldering an extension. Use shrink tube to insulate the solder joint.
    460-004 Digilent, Inc. | Test and Measurement | DigiKey

  2. The ground leads are available with the horse shoe clip
    CT3669-15-8 Cal Test Electronics | Test and Measurement | DigiKey
    You may need to extend the lead with the method explained in 1.

  3. The ground contact can be grabbed from the sleeve near the tip of the probe too.
    PK007-025 Teledyne LeCroy | Test and Measurement | DigiKey
    CT3668 Cal Test Electronics | Test and Measurement | DigiKey (solder a lead to the wire extending from the spring).

Cheers, heke