PC-41 or compatible Probe for Kenwood CS-4125 Oscilloscope

I’m looking for a PC-41 or compatible Probe for Kenwood CS-4125 Oscilloscope.
Any ideas? Available in Digi-Key?

Hello Diarmuid. Welcome to the Digikey Technical Forum!

I have reviewed your inquiry regarding a KENWOOD CS-4125 oscilloscope test lead alternative. After some research I found the following specifications regarding your original probe.

I found this link to an old manual

Found on page 15

Detailed Description
1/1 and 1/10 attenuation ratios
Retractable Hook Tip
Capacitance Compensation Trimmer
Ground Lead
MAX input V 600VDC
BNC Connector

Found on page 32

PC-41 Probe Specifications
X1 x10
input resistance 1MΩ±2% 10MΩ±2%
input capacitance 200pF 22pF±10%
attenuation ratio 1/1 1/10±3%
frequency range DC to 6Mhz DC to 60Mhz
applicable capacitance 20 to 45 pF
input withstand voltage DC 600V

One possible option found.


Manufacturer TPI (Test Products Int)
Digi-Key Part Number 290-1057-ND
Manufacturer Product Number IP250

Detailed Description:

1:1, 10:1 Passive 250MHz 59.055" (1500.00mm) Oscilloscope Probe Test Lead 1M, 10M Input Resistance CAT II 150V, 300V

Please note the lower rating on the withstand voltage.

I do hope this is helpful!

Thanks for the very quick and detailed reply, Aaron.
I’ll order it.