Clover extension cable

I need to find an adapter to extend this cable. Can you help?

Since we don’t carry the manufacturer “Clover” we need to know what kind of connectors are on each end, it would help if you had close up pictures of the ends or if you know what kind of connectors they are so we may try to find a cross for the part.

Please find the pictures attached. I need to string 3 together.

Clover Extension Cord.JPG

Clover Extension Cord 1.JPG

Those look like typical USB-C type connectors except with the interesting housing design. We have a lot of USB-C cables. Instead of stringing things together, how long of a cable are you hoping to get?

10 to 15 feet

Awesome, we actually have some USB C Cables that meet those lengths: The only thing is that we cannot match the same design.

Will still work?

It might work just fine, it just won’t be able to “attach” the same way since the original connector has those mounting features. It really does look like a USB-C, so my best guess it will still function the same electrically. There is limited info here, so I am making inferences.

thank you…

Hello Kaleb. do have a connector that will permit me to put two of these together?

The maximum cable length when running even at the slower USB-2 speeds, is 5m (16.4’). If you try to go longer you may get data errors or loss.

Of course the specific POS system you’re using may be specially designed to use cables that are longer than the USB standards allow.

The only USB C receptacle to USB C receptacle I could find is this one:


Its meant to be mounted into a panel.