Need a cable

I need a cable for my computer dock. (Dell Docking Station Model D6000) The connectors are straight male USB C to make USB C with a downward angle, but without screws. Because it’s a dock cable, it has to carry a lot of signal as well as power. The cable itself is shielded with a wire braided sheath around an aluminized mylar wrap. Within the wrap are fine wires (28 gauge??), many of which are themselves bundled and wrapped in aluminized mylar, and there are translucent fibers in there, too. The cable was originally about a meter long.

Is this cable something I can buy?

Hello @lepome,

Any of the cables would be able to handle the power. Please review the different configurations and lengths before ordering.


Would they all convey the signals as well as the power?
I’d tried to include these images of the cable I’m replacing, but couldn’t do that in the original post.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the right angle configuration you’re looking for. Sorry for any inconvenience.

From reading through this thread, it appears this cable is proprietary and has been an ongoing issue with owners. I only got about halfway through, though, so it’s possible someone has come up with a solution. Hope you can find something that works!

Thank you @Jeff_Aberle
And thank you @slycer2002
I appreciate both your responses.

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