Non-powered USB A Cables

Does DigiKey sell a 1-ft USB-A male to USB-A male cable that does not pass power over between USB devices?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not sure what you mean by pass power. Once they would be plugged in on both sides, they would pass the information . Generally a USB passes data information so there is not a lot of power that should flow through either side. I would not think this would be an issue .

These are close to the size needed:

I am presently using this device on the end of a standard A to A cable. My preference would be to not have to add this device and have an A to A cable that doesn’t have the power pins connected.

I do not see we have anything like this. The cables do not have anything like this on the parts we sell. Thank you for the further explanation. Though this is a public forum so maybe someone else has an idea. I am not the only one that will see this. So hopefully someone will have another suggestion.

Hello @Sk3wMohan ,

Unfortunately the only offering DigiKey currently has would be the parts to build your own cable using only the two center data pins within the USB-A Male connectors like these, click here. This may not be ideal for you, but thought to share in case you cannot find a finished cable elsewhere.

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