CNC Tech 3239-22-1-0505 series Wire - Diameter is Different?

Sometimes you may find that the diameter of 3239-22-1-0505 series Silicon Rubber Wire from CNC Tech does not line up with what the datasheet mentions. For example, the overall diameter measurement of 3239-22-1-0500-007-1-TS is about 1.66mm, but the datasheet shows this diameter to be 2.05mm +/-0.10mm. Is this wire going bad or out of spec?

image image

Please note that any of this wire (22 AWG and this series) that is produced after the 12th week of 2020 will come in the larger diameter. Wire produced before that would still meet the standard requirement.

Concerning 3239-22-1-0500-007-1-TS,
Before 12th week of 2020, overall diameter = 1.65 +/-0.10mm

After 12th week of 2020, overall diameter = 2.05 +/-0.10mm


So please check its date code to confirm which version of datasheet is applied for your wire.