Coilcraft XFL4020-102MEC Alternative

XFL4020-102MEC is a fixed inductor from Coilcraft that we do not carry. SRN4018TA-1R0MCT-ND is a fixed inductor from Bourn Incorporated that we do carry.


SRN4018TA-1R0MCT-ND XFL4020-102MEC
Inductance 1µH 1µH
Tolerance ±20% ±20%
Material - Core Composite Ferrite
DC Resistance (DCR) 11.9mOhms 27mOhm
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C -40°C ~ 125°C
Inductance Frequency - Test 100kHz 100kHz
Size / Dimension 4.30mm x 4.30mm 4.30mm x 4.30mm

For more information on XFL4020-102MEC, check out the datasheet.

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