Commercial Use of BeagleBone

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I recently received support from you to resolve a question about the software licenses for development in the beaglebone (BB), this was resolved, but reading in GoogleGroups I found a post about the commercial use of BB.

I had a question regarding the use of beaglebone hardware for commercial use, (taking into account that the post is from 2014) “Ninja Blocks” is mentioned, which would have the meaning of “value add”.

My question is, what is currently needed to use the boards beaglebone for commercial use?

Because I am going to build a product using the BeagleBone and “tell the world it is a BeagleBone and promote it as such”.

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Fredy Gutierrez

Ah that page brings up memories… For the first year or two of BeagleBone production there was a small shortage of the am335x processor.

Today Commercial use is pretty simple. “BeagleBone” is a trademark, so you can’t use that for anything. But you are free to use the BeagleBone product or design however you like, just don’t advertise it as a “BeagleBone”. As it’s ‘your’ design/product not’s…

There are lots of commercial users today, you just don’t hear about them, as they are not allowed to advertise it as a “BeagleBone”… also provides “non-labeled” pcb design, so you can produce your own version of the board too, without worrying about the BeagleBone trademark (on the silkscreen of production pcb’s)…



Hi @RobertCNelson

Thanks for your quick answer and sorry, I was not clear when I said

What I wanted to say is that in the specifications of my product I am going to say that the board is a beaglebone only as a reference of what the hardware of my product has, will there be a problem with that?

In summary, do I not have to do anything else to be able to market a product that includes the hardware that beagleboard designs?

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I would say; don’t do that…

For clarification ping Christi: - logo


Thanks for your support @RobertCNelson, with this it has become more clear to me, so for my product it is best not to mention beaglebone or and I could search for a pcb some “non-labeled” pcb design

Just a question, how could I get an “non-labeled” beaglebone? I was looking at beagleboard and couldn’t find any

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The files needed for production are located here: / BeagleBone Black · GitLab