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I am evaluating the possibility of migrating my (commercial) products to a beaglebone, specifically the beaglebone black industrial, but I have many doubts.

What is the useful life of the device? In other words, how long is the estimated time (minimum) of the device for sale or without changes that imply reengineering in the developed applications?

This in order not to be reengineering the applications all the time.
I appreciate your answers

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Fredy Gutiérrez

Hi @fredy.gutierrez ,

So far the BeagleBone Black has been in production since 2012

It was just cleaned up last summer with Rev C3, which replaced a few EOL components with items to give a longer production life. (These same changes are rolling into the other derivatives. )

Memory shouldn’t be an issue, as it’s DDR3, eMMC could always be upgraded to a larger model, Kingston is the current provider.

For the TI AM335x: Product life cycle | Quality policies & procedures | TI.com

BeagleBoard.org’s BBB easily meets: Internal policies for standard product longevity

The biggest issue is the NXP tda998x (HDMI framer), BeagleBoard.org should have enough for another year of production… But we are actively looking at replacement options… (the biggest issue is back-porting a kernel fix for a new video framer for every kernel from the last 10 years…) If you don’t use the HDMI for anything, this is not an issue…


Hi @RobertCNelson
Just a new question, since the equipment began to be manufactured in 2012, with the policy of 10-15 years of manufacture, will there be no problems?
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So BeagleBoard.org’s been manufacturign the board since 2012, TI had a policy of 10-15 years.

So while we are now 11 years into it, looking at TI’s actual policy:

Our guidelines state that TI standard products are not eligible for obsolescence if any of these three conditions exist:

The product has had any sales within the last five years (seven years for automotive or high-reliability products).
The product can be manufactured and has been in production for less than 10 years.
The product has any current customer demand.

BeagleBoard.org should be safe for many years…