Communication range of antenna of xbee

How to determine communication of antenna of xbee?Because İ dont find parameters or datasheet of this antenna which locates on xbee board. I neet to communicate between xbee pro s2c and yagi antenna at 2.4 GHz. I would know can i will communicate between these antennas from maxsimum 3200 meters range?or do i have to assemble another taoglas antenna to xbee board? Antenna which locates on xbee board can it communicate from 3200 range?also İ dont know power of antenna which locates on xbee board that i can determine range of this antenna but there is not this information in datasheet

XBee Pro max range as spec’ed in the datasheet would be based on line of sight in best conditions. To determine what you may expect would greatly depend on your conditions.

“Note Range figure estimates are based on free-air terrain with limited sources of interference. Actual range will vary based on transmitting power, orientation of transmitter and receiver, height of transmitting antenna, height of receiving antenna, weather conditions, interference sources in the area, and terrain between receiver and transmitter, including indoor and outdoor structures such as walls, trees, buildings, hills, and mountains.” Page 12 on link below.

FCC approved Atennas begining page 129. Yagi antennas begin on page 131 for SMT versions 133 for TH modules

Thanks for reply. I would know that will i can communicate between these antennas. Please do you know that?İ dont have any antennas, thats why i cant test with them/ Could you help me about it?I introduce these antennas links.

Hello @Suleymantural,

I did speak with one of my engineers and he stated there are a couple issues with the set of parts you selected.

The Yagi you have linked to on Aliexpress looks like a standard Yagi with 25dBi gain. I don’t know where you are deploying the system but it will be in violation of FCC unless you add loss in the cable going to the antenna and then you would have to test to verify meets FCC.

That issue aside the primary issue I see is if you want a link between a wire antenna version of Xbee and an Xbee connected to a Yagi antenna you are not going to see long range since range is limited by the wire antenna.

Can I ask what kind of range you are looking to get and what interference concerns you have? Structures, weather etc? Looking at these parameters may help in making a suggestion of something you can use with your Xbee.