Long Range wireless module

Hi I have a question about wi-fi based long-range communication module. Do you have any module which I can use for long-range( near to 700 ft or above) for image transmission? I am looking for this module to be integrated into a raspberrypi and a receiver to be attached to a laptop. The aim is to transfer a few images or video (near to 10 frames per sec). Wifi-Halow is similar technology I could find. But not able to identify the module in Digi-Key. Any suggestion on module/technology similar to wifi-Halow will be great.


Hello srevbits. Welcome to the Forum!
I sent your question to my Product Specialist for wireless. I had suggested 2518-GW16146-ND and asked him to verify that this would be a good optioin. Here’s his reply to your questions (and mine).
2518-GW16146-ND does belong to the HaLow group so as long as srevbits has an M.2 hat for the Raspberry Pi, it should work, however, I would advise them to look at the product documentation prior to purchase.

srevbits can also look at the Digi xBee products that operate on the same frequency. For example, one of these >> https://www.digikey.com/short/b81tnhwq

Another suggestion is to look at Digi’s website for additional information >> Digi XBee