Compatible plug for discontinued part

For my application I need a molex connector 54306-3619 and housing 54331-0361. Both are no longer available.
I have been looking for alternative but not sure if they are compatible. Can I use alternatively Hirose DX40M-36P and DX-36-CV1?

Thanks a lot

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At the bottom of the page for the part we do have a similar substitute from 3M. The part 3M1770-ND and here are the compatible housing.

Thank you, I saw this part before, but the housings have a Latch Lock instead of screws. Can I use the housing from Hirose?


The Centronics connectors look similar; while we cannot guarantee perfect compatibility and always recommend testing and verification whenever possible, I believe the Hirose should likely work.

Unfortunately we do not have enough information on the discontinued Molex part. Molex no longer has documentation for the part for us to check into, so this one’s going to be more of a “try it and hope”. If you think the shell looks close, give it a shot and let us know.