Compatible power supply for HeNe laser

Hello, I would like to purchase the 5mW laser head and I am searching for a compatible power supply. At the producer’s site, the 39783 device is suggested. Can someone confirm if they are compatible? I am also in need for a lens and an attenuator for the laser, as well as mounting equipment for the laser, the lens and the pinhole for table use. I did not find any related products in the Digi-key site, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The power supply listed by the manufacturer is part 39783 and will work with this system. Here is the laser/power supply combination that is also available, Digikey part 1601-1421-ND . I don’t see lenses or attenuators listed for this laser but the mounting ring is Digikey part 1601-1438-ND .

Thank you for your answer!

I am actually interested in purchasing the laser/power supply combination you provided me with. The only issue is that I have a list of products such as a lens, a pinhole, a filter and mounting equipment that I will use in combination with the laser. These products are all compatible with the correspoding laser/power supply of ThorLabs. My question is: will these products (e.g. filter + adapter) be compatible with your laser as well? They do look quite similar to me, but I would like to confirm that there are not unique specifications that may render equipment from other companies useless.

The adapter link.

Looking at the dimensions of the lasers and accessories, they are close but not the same and the threading is also different. I recommend using the listed accessories for each manufacturer and not interchanging them.