Conector circular 10 pines no lo encuentro alguien podria ayudarme

necesito identificar este conector es un conector de 10 pines

para este conector hembra

y estas son sus dimensiones


I am sorry. I am unable to verify this part with the information provided. Most of the circular connectors we sell do not have pictures. Without any part markings it is impossible to find the part number. I am not able to look up by size. I went through some options and was not able to verify.

thank you for your time
I hope someone else can help me or at least point me to a manufacturer

To me it looks a lot like Lemo. I did some checking and could not verify it. I tried others also. Yes. We do have others that review these . So maybe someone can find something.

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It looks like a push-pull type circular connector, which would include LEMO. I could not see any which looked identical, but many manufacturers make similar products, so it’s difficult to say what you actually have.

Some of these are intermatable, so if you find one here that looks about right, you can check the associated datasheets and see if the mating parts of the connector look like a match. Pay special to keying (the location of any bumps or notches, which only allow matched keying to fit), as some connectors with the same general dimensions might have more than one keying option.