Connecting Mean Well Power Supplies in Series

A common question we get asked is whether two AC/DC converters can be wired in series to provide a higher voltage output.

Mean Well power supplies have isolated outputs so they can be linked in series to achieve whatever voltage you require.

For example two of the above NDR-480-48 converters can be wired in series to provide 96V. It is recommended that the power supplies used have similar current ratings.

As seen below, it is also recommended a diode be put in parallel with each power supply to prevent reverse voltage if one starts before the other.

Here is a link to Mean Well power supplies we have available.
Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | Industrial, DIN Rail Power Supplies | DigiKey

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Digi-Key Part Number Digi-Key Part Number
1866-2241-ND 1866-2243-ND 1866-DDR-480C-48-ND
1866-2237-ND 1866-5048-ND 1866-4913-ND
1866-1029-ND 1866-1041-ND 1866-2238-ND
1866-2239-ND 1866-2248-ND 1866-2246-ND
1866-1037-ND 1866-1040-ND 1866-5042-ND
1866-1034-ND 1866-1445-ND 1866-2250-ND
1866-1036-ND 1866-1444-ND 1866-1044-ND
1866-2242-ND 1866-5052-ND 1866-1424-ND
1866-5043-ND 1866-2232-ND 1866-1442-ND
1866-5049-ND 1866-5062-ND 1866-5064-ND
1866-5044-ND 1866-5060-ND 1866-4458-ND
1866-5046-ND 1866-WDR-60-5-ND 1866-5577-ND
1866-2249-ND 1866-DDR-480D-48-ND 1866-5036-ND
1866-2251-ND 1866-2240-ND 1866-1087-ND
1866-2247-ND 1866-1028-ND 1866-DDR-480B-12-ND
1866-1039-ND 1866-2245-ND 1866-DDR-480B-48-ND
1866-1038-ND 1866-2230-ND 1866-5047-ND
1866-1042-ND 1866-4912-ND 1866-5054-ND
1866-1045-ND 1866-1007-ND 1866-5066-ND
1866-1043-ND 1866-5051-ND 1866-5058-ND
1866-5053-ND 1866-5056-ND 1866-DDR-480D-24-ND
1866-5059-ND 1866-5057-ND 1866-1416-ND
1866-1440-ND 1866-3526-ND 1866-1423-ND
1866-1443-ND 1866-3525-ND 1866-1417-ND
1866-2233-ND 1866-1441-ND 1866-1446-ND
1866-2234-ND 1866-5063-ND 1866-2231-ND
1866-1428-ND 1866-5065-ND 1866-1429-ND
1866-3519-ND 1866-5067-ND 1866-DLP-04R-ND
1866-3517-ND 1866-1430-ND 1866-4459-ND
1866-5061-ND 1866-5030-ND 1866-WDR-60-48-ND
1866-4457-ND 1866-5559-ND 1866-KNX-20E-640-ND
1866-1031-ND 1866-5561-ND 1866-1433-ND
1866-1032-ND 1866-4910-ND 1866-KNX-40E-1280-ND
1866-5578-ND 1866-4460-ND 1866-KNX-40E-1280D-ND
1866-WDR-60-24-ND 1866-1035-ND 1866-1000-ND
1866-WDR-60-12-ND 1866-5045-ND 1866-1001-ND
1866-1426-ND 1866-1425-ND 1866-1002-ND
1866-1427-ND 1866-3524-ND 1866-1003-ND
1866-3520-ND 1866-2235-ND 1866-1004-ND
1866-3521-ND 1866-2229-ND 1866-1005-ND
1866-5028-ND 1866-1431-ND 1866-1006-ND
1866-5027-ND 1866-1033-ND 1866-1008-ND
1866-5029-ND 1866-5579-ND 1866-1009-ND
1866-5034-ND 1866-5562-ND 1866-1010-ND
1866-5033-ND 1866-5005-ND 1866-1011-ND
1866-5031-ND 1866-DDR-480C-12-ND 1866-1012-ND
1866-1078-ND 1866-5050-ND 1866-1013-ND
1866-1079-ND 1866-1422-ND 1866-1418-ND
1866-1088-ND 1866-2236-ND 1866-1419-ND
1866-5584-ND 1866-5035-ND 1866-1014-ND
1866-5560-ND 1866-5037-ND 1866-1420-ND
1866-5558-ND 1866-5585-ND 1866-1015-ND
1866-5563-ND 1866-DDR-480D-12-ND 1866-1016-ND
1866-1081-ND 1866-1421-ND 1866-1017-ND
1866-1082-ND 1866-1089-ND 1866-1018-ND
1866-3523-ND 1866-2244-ND 1866-1021-ND
1866-3522-ND 1866-5055-ND 1866-1432-ND
1866-5004-ND 1866-3518-ND 1866-1022-ND
1866-1090-ND 1866-5576-ND 1866-1023-ND
1866-4911-ND 1866-5026-ND 1866-1434-ND
1866-1084-ND 1866-5032-ND 1866-1024-ND
1866-1083-ND 1866-1080-ND 1866-1435-ND
1866-1086-ND 1866-1085-ND 1866-1025-ND
1866-4461-ND 1866-1091-ND 1866-1436-ND
1866-1030-ND 1866-DDR-480B-24-ND 1866-1437-ND
1866-1027-ND 1866-DDR-480C-24-ND 1866-1438-ND
![image 186x500](upload://skpSnVrJIo8mUCZNLatbhxRVal9.png)
HDR-15-5 HDR-30-15 DDR-480C-48
HDR-15-12 DDR-15L-5 TDR-960-48
MDR-10-24 MDR-40-5 HDR-15-15
HDR-15-24 HDR-60-15 HDR-30-5
MDR-20-5 MDR-40-48 DDR-15G-3.3
MDR-20-12 EDR-75-24 HDR-60-48
MDR-20-24 EDR-75-12 MDR-60-48
HDR-30-12 DDR-30G-5 DRA-60-12
DDR-15G-5 HDR-100-15N EDR-120-48
DDR-15L-12 DDR-60G-15 DDR-60L-5
DDR-15G-12 DDR-60G-5 SDR-75-24
DDR-15G-24 WDR-60-5 HDR-150-15
HDR-60-24 DDR-480D-48 DDR-120D-24
HDR-60-5 HDR-15-48 WDR-120-12
HDR-60-12 MDR-10-15 DDR-480B-12
MDR-40-24 HDR-30-48 DDR-480B-48
MDR-40-12 HDR-100-12N DDR-15L-3.3
MDR-60-12 TDR-960-24 DDR-30G-15
MDR-60-5 DR-15-15 DDR-60L-15
MDR-60-24 DDR-15L-24 DDR-30L-15
DDR-30G-12 DDR-30L-5 DDR-480D-24
DDR-30L-24 DDR-30L-12 DR-4505
EDR-120-12 NDR-75-48 DRA-40-24
EDR-150-24 NDR-75-24 DR-4512
HDR-100-24 EDR-120-24 EDR-75-48
HDR-100-24N DDR-60G-24 HDR-100-15
DRC-40A DDR-60L-12 DRC-40B
NDR-120-48 DDR-60L-24 DLP-04R
NDR-120-12 DRC-60A SDR-75-48
DDR-60G-12 DDR-120B-24 WDR-60-48
SDR-75-12 DDR-240B-48 KNX-20E-640
MDR-100-12 DDR-240C-48 DRP-480-24
MDR-100-24 TDR-480-24 KNX-40E-1280
HDR-150-24 SDR-960-24 KNX-40E-1280D
WDR-60-24 MDR-20-15 DR-100-12
WDR-60-12 DDR-15G-15 DR-100-15
DRC-100A DRA-60-24 DR-100-24
DRC-100B NDR-75-12 DR-120-12
NDR-240-24 HDR-100-48 DR-120-24
NDR-240-48 HDR-100-12 DR-120-48
DDR-120A-48 DRC-60B DR-15-12
DDR-120A-24 MDR-100-48 DR-15-24
DDR-120B-12 HDR-150-48 DR-15-5
DDR-120C-48 DDR-240D-24 DR-30-12
DDR-120C-24 WDR-480-48 DR-30-15
DDR-120B-48 DDR-480C-12 DR-30-24
SDR-120-12 DDR-15L-15 DR-30-5
SDR-120-24 DRA-40-12 DR-4515
WDR-120-24 HDR-100-48N DR-4524
TDR-240-24 DDR-120D-12 DR-60-12
DDR-240C-24 DDR-120D-48 DR-60-15
DDR-240B-24 TDR-240-48 DR-60-24
DDR-240D-48 DDR-480D-12 DR-75-12
SDR-240-24 DR-60-5 DR-75-24
SDR-240-48 WDR-120-48 DR-75-48
NDR-480-48 HDR-30-24 DRH-120-24
NDR-480-24 DDR-30G-24 DRH-120-48
WDR-240-48 NDR-120-24 DRP-240-24
WDR-240-24 HDR-150-12 DRP-240-48
TDR-480-48 DDR-120A-12 DRP-480-48
SDR-480-48 DDR-120C-12 DRP-480S-24
SDR-480-24 SDR-120-48 DRP-480S-48
SDR-480P-48 SDR-480P-24 DRT-240-24
SDR-960-48 WDR-480-24 DRT-240-48
MDR-10-5 DDR-480B-24 DRT-480-24
MDR-10-12 DDR-480C-24 DRT-480-48
![image 229x500](upload://llaGEcW1HFJnJMgnVb5cfVZba7B.png)

For more information please review the following document:
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