Connectors for mean well power supply

I need some connectors for a Mean Well power supply. The supply is a EPS-25-15 , I need the 2 pin & 3 pin plastic housings and the terminals

Hello StephenASarkany, Welcome to the Forum

The connectors that you can use with that power supply are:
2 Position - 455-1183-ND
Contacts are part number - 455-1133-1-ND

The 3 position connector is - 455-1184-ND
The contacts are the same for this connector - 455-1133-1-ND
If you do need it the crimp tool for the contacts is 455-1134-ND

For your reference here is the Datasheet for that power supply. It also has the information on it for the connectors.

Please take a look at these and see if they will work for you.
If you have any questions please let us know.

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