Inquiry about Power Cord for Mean Well LRS-350-5 Power Supply

Dear DIGIKEY TechForum,

I recently purchased a Mean Well LRS-350-5 power supply from your store for a project with 1,000 ws2812b LED lights. I am looking for a power cord that is compatible with the power supply and would appreciate any recommendations you may have. I believe that the power supply has an input voltage rating of 90-132VAC or 180-264VAC and requires an IEC 320 C14 input connector.

Can you please provide me with information about the specifications and requirements for the power cord, and any recommendations for a specific model or brand that you carry?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


I am seeing the “LRS-350-5” as having screw termination for both the input and output.
LRS-350-5 MEAN WELL USA Inc. | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey
Which you can use cords like the below with, as linked below.

Hello @nbmcgowen ,

For IEC 320 C14 connector style cable, please see AE10665-ND, click here. I was not able to locate one with wires on the other end, but this can be modified to work by removal of the other connector. Please be sure to wire the supply input terminals correctly in order for proper safety as this is a metal chassis supply.

Here is a filtered list of cords for use in North America:
Also, custom lengths and specs are available from GlobTek upon request, thanks

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Your help is much appreciated but I’m still a little lost here. I bought a 60 AMP power supply because my project needs 60 amps to function properly. I’m not seeing any cords that say that they’re rated for 60 AMPS. Do the number of amps for the project have to match up with the cord’s AMP rating or not? It seems like a very simple question and yet I still haven’t gotten a solid answer from anyone. Advice please?

The output is 60 Amps the input is NOT 60 Amps.

The data sheet for the power supply says:
INPUT AC CURRENT (Typ.) 6.8A/115VAC 3.4A/230VAC

The power supply will only require a few amps at 120VAC input, to convert the output of 5VDC @ 60A.
The conversion is closer if you look at the wattage. Voltage X Amperage = Wattage. So 5VDC X 60A = 300W for the output. To get 300W on the input, it would be 120VAC X 2.5A = 300W. So the only wires you will need to handle 60A, are the 5V output wires to your LEDs.