Connector Alfa/fiat odometer/ cluster identification

Dears, can you support me in my research? I need to find a part number for connector (plug). Terminal is on back side of alfa romeo Stelvio cluster. As I googled, it was common terminal for fiat/alfa odometer connections. And plug should looks like white one on photo

Will be very appreciative of your support!

Hello Dmitry,

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum community.

I used Google Lens type search to help me locate the connector and to get some information on perhaps the part number etc. The link here is what I found.

Not all of those results showed the 18 position version and it seems that there are a few car manufacturers that make similar products. Unfortunately however, we do not carry any of those manufacturers and I was not able to locate anything within our inventory to offer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.