Connector search

Looking for this connector.
12 AWG wire, 19.63 mm long from tip to bottom. tip thickness is 1.5 mm
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hello Speedcrew:
Is this a contact that will be used inside a connector? If it is, what is the connector part number, or the manufacturer name and series you’ll be using it with? If you’re not using inside a connector here are some pin options in 10-12awg. Unfortunately, the length and diameter of the pin is not listed on our website, but you can take a look at the datasheets for dimensions.


Hello Jenny,
This is from a Pellenc Battery pack.
Looks like this connector, but the datasheet would not pull up. 1195-3714-ND
What type of crimp tool does this use?
Thank you

Hello Speedcrew:

I apologize, we don’t have a datasheet for that part number, but we do have the drawing linked on that page. This is the recommended crimp tool for that contact: 1195-3718-ND

That works,
Thanks Jenny, have a great day.