Connector/Socket Identificaton


Need some help identifying these connectors/ sockets please:

Connector on the right (CN12) and in position CN6

Pin spacing is 0.1"/ 2.54mm
4 Positions
through hole
Locking mechanism

Sorry about the photo quality, my phones camera isn’t the best. Will try to find some callipers to get some outer dimensions and add that info.


Hello @joh-nny,

Would this be in reference to the connector shown on location CN8 in the third photo?



Sorry, should have provided that information. The one to the right of CN8 (CN12, C is not visible in the photo), CN6 is the same type with the cable attached.


Hello @joh-nny,

I believe that CN6 and CN12 are Grove connectors. While these are not normally connectors that we have, we do carry a right angle one in white on the following link:

These do have a 2mm (0.079") pitch rather than a 2.54mm (0.10"), but using a caliper to compare the pitch of CN6 to CN8 in the photo, CN6 did come up as narrower. You would have to measure the connector on hand to be sure, though.



Found some calipers to measure. Looks like you’re correct. Thank you!