Connector type

can anyone tell me what this type of 3-pin connector is called?
Replacement anemometer cable

Hi, @Makemson1, thanks for posting! It looks like that would broadly belong to the category of circular connectors- Connectors, Interconnects > Circular Connectors

I already selected for three pins as a filter for the above link. Now to get more specific, if it has a particular shell size/type that it belongs to, we’ll have to see what the pin arrangement looks like, looking at the connector from the front. You can also narrow down the options by identifying the fastener, it looks like it would be threaded, though it could also be a bayonet lock. You can tell the difference by looking at the threading or locking mechanism, threaded will look basically like a screw while a bayonet will be more like one line going around the circumference of the connector.

Hope this helps, let us know if you need some more help on this.

Do you know who manufactures this type of connector?

What does the pin end of the connector look like?

What is the diameter of the connector end?

What is the pin spacing?

What is the application? (many applications have standard 3 pin connectors, e.g. XLR = professional microphone.