Correct driver for 2 cree xhp50.2 LEDs?

Hi, So I’m building two custom fixtures with two 12V cree xhp50.2 (2700K) units. I’m not new to the lighting design world so I know what I want it to look like, but I am quite new to the electronics world. I chose these units because they are small and have a single point source, which should eliminate ugly multiple shadows. But I’m having some trouble understanding the complete picture.

  1. I am thinking of running them in parallel, but this might not be a good idea, I’ve heard running LEDs in parallel creates weird behavior?
  2. I ordered the Thomas Research Products 96W 8-24V 4A (PLED96W-024-C4000-D-HV), but I have no idea if that is the correct driver? I thought I would be safe, as it can power the 12V LEDs in parallel and in series.
  3. I want the driver to be a few meters from the fixtures. Should I be worried about the cable thickness?

HI, You did not specific which leds you are using, there are several in the xhp50.2 series. For your driver, you will need to make sure that the current rating matches the amount of current that your led’s requires. Current must stay in the range that the led can handle. PLED96W-024-C4000-D-HV has a 4A constant current, so you will need to make sure your led’s can handle that much. As far as led in parallel, that should be fine. I have not heard of weirdness because of it. The cable thickness would not make any difference it should handle the voltage and current it is rated for. Check out the data sheets for your led’s you are using, to know the current rating and the voltages needed.

okay, so that is too high then, because the LED i am using is the XHP50B-00-0000-0D0HH277G-SB01.
Does this driver always deliver 4A? Is this not dependent on the Voltage that is driven?

Yes it is a constant current device, so the voltage fluctuates so that is stay constant.

thanks a lot glenda! what driver would you advise me then?

XHP50B-00-0000-0D0HH277G-SB01 is not a part that we carry. You will need to know how many strips and what voltage is required for all of the strips in either parallel or series. And how much current they will need to light. Also your input voltage, PLED96W-024-C4000-D-HV is rated at 277-480 v input are you using that much input voltage?

Something went wrong there… Can I change my order?

You would need to contact with your customer number, and sales order number, they can help you with orders or returns.

cool. So basically, I should get a 240V input voltage and max 1500mA output current at max 12V. However, the data sheet seems to imply that the voltage and the amps both rise. It even has a graph where it shows on the forward Voltage on the x-axis and Amps on the y-axis.
Also you don;t carry the part as a loose LED, but you do have it on a star board.

So now I have this LED:
cree xhp50B
nominal fV= 11.2V
maximum fV = 12.4V
max current = 1500mA

I want to set them in parallel only 2 units.
could I then use this driver?:


You are putting 2 starboards in Parallel?

I was planning to, would that be a problem?

I would of course need to use a dimmer to limit the output V to 12V, I thought I could use a 0-10V potentiometer for that?