LED Driver for New Energy/Cree XHP70B

Hi all,

Trying to select an appropriate LED driver to do some prototyping with the New Energy XHP70B, which is a Cree XLamp XHP70.2 on a starboard.

I was looking at the MEAN WELL HLG-150H-12B, but just wanted to confirm that would work. At this point I just want to plug the driver into mains electricity to power it and have the ability to analog dim the LED.

It appears to be a compatible choice, but this is my first foray into purchasing for an LED.


Hello Kludgewerks and welcome to the forum

For this board I would expect to have to supply a plug. Assuming a USA wall somthing easier to use would be a NEMA screw terminal such as 189-Q-710H-ND, but any plug to the wall you provide should do fine.

The mentioned driver would most definitely not be suitable for use with one instance of the LED device mentioned. LED40W-024-C1300-D would be a much more suitable choice, assuming the two elements internal to the LED device are connected in series.

A process for selecting LED drivers can be found in this post.

Thanks for the help!
I’ll refer to the guide posted.