Corrections and Additions, Guitar amps

People who are likely to use a Dual Diode vacuum tube are also likely to need to get at the filament, because that’s where the rectified voltage appears. Can you make the filament terminals active pins?

In the same vein, a schematic that contains a Dual Diode rectifier is going to need 5 volts AC to light it up. Is there a chance of getting a symbol for a transformer with three secondaries for High Voltage (CT), Filaments (CT), and Rectifier Filament (no CT)?

I noticed when I started this project that it’s been a few years since I was an active DigiKey customer. My son and his son are into guitars, and have discovered that they need an old guy who speaks tubes, so here I am, at it again.

Thank you immensely for a free schematic program that doesn’t take weeks to learn!!

Hi Jim, One trick I use is to toss down a regular transformer and then more inductors, like so:

@Cody_Walseth might know what it might take to alter/add symbols in the library.

FYI, if you have yet to learn that we have a new supplier- TubeDepot, you may find to be helpful :wink: