Could somebody identify these connectors?

Maybe related to some telephone data line ancient links, as seen in the photos, it can be attached in parallel arrays. It was tossed and abandoned in some warehouse, and I don’t know where it was connected nor have found any device these cables could be attached to.

Please, if any info avaible about this item, let me know and write it down in the most technically way possible, its for an inventory.


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This looks like it might be an old telephone punch system. It appears the wires are multiple colors and twisted pairs.This must be very old. Though I might be wrong. That is the guess that I think it could be.


Definitely appears to be old multiple line business telephone wiring. Effectively zero value nowadays except for scrap metal value.

If memory serves (it’s been over 20 years since I’ve worked with these), and correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t these be considered CAT3 trunk cables?

EDIT: Looking at these again, perhaps not. These seem older than CAT3 trunk lines.

Yes, old multiple line business telephone systems used CAT3 wire.

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