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Counter and divider ICs are digital logic devices that tally the number of logic transitions that occur at their inputs, and resent the accumulated count using multiple parallel outputs and/or generate a single output signal transition in response to the application of some integer number of input signal transitions. In addition to simple event counting, they find use in a variety of frequency synthesis applications.


Logic Type: Describes the logic functions used within the circuit.

Direction: Indicates whether a device counts input signals by incrementing or decrementing a digital output word, or is capable of either.

Number of Elements: Indicates the number of instances of a basic function that are incorporated within a device package.

Number of Bits per Element: Indicates the data width or the number of signals processed in parallel by each independent instance of a function contained within a device.

Reset: Indicates whether an assertion of a device’s reset input affects the internal device state immediately (asynchronous) or in conjunction with the next valid clock input (synchronous).

Timing: Describes the logic input timing of the circuit, whether it is dependent on the clock signal (synchronous) or independent of the clock signal (asynchronous).

Count Rate: Indicates the maximum input signal frequency for which a device can correctly perform its intended function.

Trigger Type: Indicates whether changes in device state are initiated by rising or falling edges of a clock input signal.

Voltage - Supply: Typically represented by a range, this indicates the low and high voltage limits which one can expect standard operation. Voltages outside this range may damage the device and other system components.

Operating Temperature: Recommended operating temperature, typically given in a range or as a maximum. Exceeding these temperatures may affect performance or damage the device and other system components.

Mounting Type: Indicates how the device is attached.

Package / Case: Indicates the type of protective case used on an electronic component to allow easy handling, installation, and protection. This selection was determined to be the closest industry standard applicable to the suppliers device packaging. Typically it is best to check the actual dimensions from the datasheet rather than depend on this terminology when designing your circuit.

Supplier Device Package: This is what the manufacturer calls the package of this device. They are manufacturer specific. It is typically best to use the actual dimensions from the datasheets rather than to go by this terminology when designing your circuit.


16-TSSOP Asynchronous Binary Counter


DESCRIPTION Counter IC Binary Counter 1 Element 4 Bit Positive Edge 16-TSSOP


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