Coxial cable LVD EPD

Looking for a coxial cable assembly for Arri Alexa Mini’s sensor. It has numbers on the connectors but google isn’t helping unfortunately. The numbers are 905141M and 008131M. It appears to be 50 PIN. I would appreciate any kind of help:)

Hello nikitalab and welcome to the DigiKey tech forum community.

Based on the pictures that looks to be a flat flex ribbon cable assembly. Unfortunately we do not have many flat flex ribbon jumper cables at 50 positions to offer. Ones we do have are in the link below.
Flat Flex Jumpers, Cables (FFC, FPC) | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

The numbers you gave did not bring up any type of cable assemblies or connectors and therefore I could not locate anything of relevance with them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I count 82 pins. Haven’t been able to ID it, though. Have you checked here for any help?