5-Pin Circular Connector Cable

Need another of this cable for a lcd screen-disassembly machine.
Cable is 19" long end-to-end. Male to Female.

Any help is appreciated.

Below are a few options for the cable you are looking for.


1200661033 Molex | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey

PR05KR115 YL355


RSRK 50-877/0.5M

RSRK 50-877/0.5M Lumberg Automation | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the reply! The female end on those options is exactly what I’m looking for.
But the male end on my cable has the pins arranged in a perfect pentagon, and it looks like they are arranged in a horseshoe shape in the options above.
Is there an option with the male-end pins set in a perfect pentagon?

I see what you mean, I am not finding any that are different spacing on each end. Sorry.