Identify Connector Replacement cable for Arlo Pro 2 Cameras

Arlo (Security Cam (owned by Netgear) has a small rectangular connector and flat ribbon cable that is faulty which they don’t replace (forced to buy new cam). It’s a flat ribbon cable with rectangle connector on one end which is 6 pins (wires) female the other end is a Micro USB female. I can share pictures and measurements. Wondering if a Digi Key can make one if it’s not a stock type of item.

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Please add the photos and we will see if we have a solution.

This is the power cable, here are pictures of each end. I can use a caliper to measure if a replacement could be identified. Thank you for trying to help! Lou

More detailed pictures, the ribbon cable is just under 2 inches. I had cut the cable and removed plastic covering on the micro USB side as I was trouble shooting this.

Hello ljcassjr,

I’m sorry, but we do not have a cable similar to this.

Dave, thanks for that fast reply! Do you have each of these connectors separate and maybe I could splice or solder them together? Like the 6 pin connector attached to the flat cable and the micro usb end either with wires or that little board to solder wires to it? Thanks again, awesome you trying to help me.


I found a couple of the panel mounted Micro USB female, with a cable. Click here for those options.
My guess to the pin spacing for the white connector, would be about 1.25mm. A couple options for the connector with wires attached, are [WM15264-ND](h 0151340600 Molex | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey) with 1.97" long wires. One with longer 3.94" wires is WM15265-ND.
Check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

David, this is amazing help and will likely work. I need to spend a little time looking closer to the datasheets but am really encourage and so appreciative of the help here. I think that Micro USB is close, course it’s 5 wires verses 6 but that might not be an issue. I am smiling for this help, thanks again. Hope you are having a great weekend! Lou :slight_smile: